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AGU initial symptoms are language/speech delay and clumsiness, which appear between two and five years of age. As the disorder progresses, language skills are affected the most. School-age children most often are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and ADHD. Children continue to develop until their early twenties, but the learning occurs at a slower rate. AGU child’s life expectancy usually averages between 25 and 35 years of age, with young adults typically dying from infection. There is currently no approved treatment for AGU.

John Snell Interview

Aspartylglucosaminuria (AGU) is a rare, fatal, childhood metabolic disorder where body lacks aspartylglucosamidase (AGA), one of lysosomal enzymes. The enzyme is required to break down some sugars, which start to accumulate in the body.  It was first described in 1968 in England. 

Rare Trait Hope Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to facilitate the development of a cure and to raise funds for a treatment of AGU.  The organization also works to increase awareness and screening for this misdiagnosed disease, and to be a resource for families, doctors, and scientists world-wide.

Latest article about our work and progress can be found here.

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