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"I can do it!" Challenge

AGU kids are born healthy and happy babies, as many other kids with rare diseases. They develop normally and learn their skills. As the disease progresses and waste builds up in a body, kids start to lose some abilities. There is no cure for the disease now and pharmaceutical companies are not interested in developing a treatment for AGU as only a handful of people have the disease. We are working to raise funds, so the cure can be available for AGU kids. 

Help us raise awareness for rare disabilities/diseases and specifically AGU. About 10% of population have one of many rare diseases and most of them are fatal, but 95% of rare diseases do not have a single approved treatment. As we are working on the treatment for AGU, we always remember that laughter is the best medicine!

We dare to challenge you on your funny, different and sometimes rare abilities. Show up what you can do and help us fight disabilities with your rare abilities! Send us a 60 sec (max) video. 

Challenge three or more of your friends to show off what they can do within 3 days. They can keep their abilities a secret by making a donation here. 

Check out what other people are doing. Can YOU do it?

100% of your donations will help to develop a treatment for AGU (rare fatal childhood disease).

We want to develop a cure for one rare disease called AGU. 

We want them not to feel lonely facing their struggle. 

 and support kids, adults and families with rare disabilities and diseases. 
What is AGU
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