Join the Cure

Start a fundraising campaign and bring a hope of life to a small group of people around the world affected by a rare disease called AGU. With your help, these people fill feel that there are not forgotten!

We pledge that 100% of the money you raise will fund projects to develop a treatment for this rare disease. You will get updates and reports so you can see your impact.

START YOUR CAMPAIGN and ask friends and family to donate. You can do pretty much anything to fundraise. Here are a few examples:
  • Give up your birthday presents and ask for money instead,
  • Ask for donations instead of holiday gifts, 
  • Run a race or do a sport event,
  • Maybe you can hold a bake sale!
  • Or you pull out your wallet and donate.
What to do: 

You can start off by writing an email to your friends and family explaining why you started your campaign and sharing the link to your page. We’ve found that the more personal you are with your message, the more responsive people will be.

You can also easily share the link to your campaign page on social media such as Facebook and Twitter -spread the word about your campaign early and often! Post our URL as your status, post a comment about your campaign on your friends' walls and tweet about your campaign regularly.

Also, don't be afraid to send a few follow-up emails to your family and friends - they'll appreciate the reminder to donate to your campaign.

Here is a short outline of what to do:

1. Send your first email to announce your campaign;

2. Update your supporters with a second email;

3. Use your social networks;

4. Send a third email close to your deadline;

5. Say thank you!