Host a Fundraising Event

Raise Money to Fund a Critically Needed Cure

You can host any type of fundraising event, and we will help you every step of the way!

Some examples of events to consider are....




How To Host An Event

  1. Gather Friends and Family to Make Up Your Event Committee

  2. Brainstorm and Decide on Details

  • What? Choose any FUN event that you and your friends already like to do

  • When? Pick the date

  • Where? Secure the location

  • How? Read our Fundraising Guidelines and submit your Event Registration Form right online. If you have any questions or need planning help, contact fundraising at the Rare Trait or call +1 504 408 1126

3. Raise Money

Don’t just rely on ticket sales… Boost your event income with:

  • Sponsor forms with prizes for the biggest fundraisers

  • Corporate and individual donations solicited by family and friends

  • Team challenges

  • Ad sales for T-shirts, brochures and event programs

4. Rare Trait Will Provide Helpful Materials For Your Event

  • Materials to increase awareness

  • Customized web page, sponsor forms and invitations

  • T-shirts and/or other event supplies

  • Thank you letters to donors